5 Ways to Market Small Business

Getting started with your own small business is a great accomplishment. In order to the business out there and talked about among customers there needs to be a marketing plan.

A business doesn’t need to hire on digital marketing agencies right away. Here are five tips on marketing a small business without breaking the bank.

  1. Get Social—Ask around and find where customers are signed on—literally. Do they prefer Twitter feeds or are they on Facebook the most. There is no reason to have 5 different Social Media Outlets if the majority of the customers are on Facebook versus Twitter. Open a Social Media account be interactive.
  2. Offer Incentives—This is a great way of getting customers to return again and again. Punch cards are a great incentive for return business. For example, book stores offer punch cards and if a client purchases 5 books over $7.00 they get the 6th book free or 50% off.
  3. Get customers to give good reviews of their experience via Google or local directories.
  4. Be Interactive—stay connected with customers and search business listing, blogs, forums, etc. and answer the reviews. A great way to avoid a bad reputation online is to address bad reviews right away.
  5. Get Involved—join the local Chamber of Commerce. Pay for a little league team’s t-shirts, or put flyers and business cards at local restaurants.

There are opportunities to market a small business everywhere. These are all inexpensive ways of a getting the business name out there within the community. Once a business gets the “ball rolling” and builds up momentum, then they need to search out an SEO agency. What digital marketing agencies will assist with is an online market presence. Get out into the community by being involved locally and then reach out across the nation with a website.

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