Digital Marketing Agencies and How They Evolved in 2012

The term Digital Marketing Agency is relatively new, as search engine marketing has evolved so has the number of new fangled terms associated with it. For example, nobody is really sure who first coined the phrase SEO or who invented the term search engine optimization. Likewise no-one is entirely sure who first came up with the term Digital Marketing Agency but many are now sure glad they did.

Digital Marketing agencies evolved from SEO agencies who, essentially, had to evolve to survive and keep ahead of the digital marketing curve. Hardcore SEO agencies became multi disciplinary digital marketing agencies by adding additional service offerings to their portfolios. Different types of digital marketing also evolved see info on push v’s pull digital marketing here.

As digital marketing agencies grew they did so at the expense of more traditional marketing agencies many of whom failed to keep up and were unable to compete in the new digital landscape. Digital marketing became the new norm for marketing in the 21st century and older styled marketing agencies went the way of the dinosaur, many still exist today but mostly in an evolved format.

Digital marketing agencies evolved even further in 2012 many placing a greater emphasis on content marketing and social media marketing. Most digital marketing agencies were able to slide these services straight into their existing core service offerings without too much trouble and have now streamlined the digital marketing agency landscape ready to meet the challenges of 2013.

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