Five Writing Tips for a Company Blog

The internet market changes on a daily basis and because so many new websites go live every day, it is important to start a content strategy that will get your website to the top of the major search engines. One of the most important elements that major search engines look for is relevant content. They also search for website that provides fresh and new blog material (content) to its readers. By writing a blog, attached to your company website it will help with creating a search engine optimization marketing strategy for the business.

Here are five writing tips that will help your company’s blog:

  1. You do not always have to write on your products and your company. A marketing agency would recommend that the blog content consist of relevant industry news.
  2. Make it simple and address your target audience. This means get into the mindset of your consumer. Ask around through your social media outlets what is important to the customer and write a blog post accordingly.
  3. Do not forget to answer the “Who, What, Where, How and Why” questions you learned about when first starting to write papers in school.
  4. SEO copywriting or webpage content writing suggests that the paragraphs be organized in short 3-5 sentences. People do not generally like to read long and lengthy paragraphs.
  5. Use concrete examples and even personal experiences to get your point across.

Customers want to know what they think about is valued. Blog posts on a company website will not only help with SEO content writing marketing strategy, but it provides a way to relate to those who are purchasing your product. By writing interesting information on a blog allows customers to find the website and share the blog posts to their Twitter or Facebook profiles, or any other social media outlet they are involved in.

When the link to a blog post is “shared” through a social media, it is a way of content marketing and getting your brand out to many new customers, which you may not have had the chance to reach. One of the oldest ways of marketing is by “word of mouth” marketing. This is essentially the new “word of mouth” marketing. It is getting resourceful information out to your loyal customers and then they share that information with their friends only now it is “shared” via the internet and not the telephone line.

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