Full Website Audit

There was time when marketing equaled solicitation, going from door to door selling vacuums. Then it went to phone calls and ads in the phonebook. Now just about every company outsources to marketing agencies to provide and create original packages that include: graphic logo, business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, magnets, stickers, and websites. There is a lot that goes into marketing a business and ultimately marketing yourself if you are the business owner.

Digital Marketing Orlando assists business owners in how to get the most out of their websites and pay-per-click for online advertisement. The goal for a business’s website is to eventually have Google search engines organically find your website without having to do the pay-per-click advertising. To get to that point though a business website there needs to be a SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to drive the ranking of your site up in the results pages.

Digital marketing firms will make full use of the website by keyword rich content to help search engines find you more easily. They will do a full audit of a website that is already built and check for any broken links, or anything that keeps a search engine from finding you. On any website the pages that you want visitors to find should not be any deeper than two clicks away.

There are strategies that can help assist and boost your websites ranking on the main search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and once the website is ranked higher on these it will automatically be added to any smaller affiliate search engines.

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