Marketing: How to be great with your start-up business

Repeat after me; “Keep it Simple Stupid.” One more time; “Keep it Simple Stupid.” It is one of the most overlooked concepts in the world of marketing. Marketing Agencies meet hundreds of clients who want really elaborate and thought out concepts. The best bet is to think like a child. Children just know what “IS.” You have seen them build and play with random objects for hours. Its only when you get older you gets more complex (by nature of course). So keep things simple.

Digital Marketing Agency Orlando also suggests thinking of how to reach a client’s soul and not just their pockets. “Bring it all the way from the bottom and up to the top,” James Douglas, Personal trainer. What that means is you have to come from the heart when pushing a new product. You cannot only think from the side of the banker you have to think on the side of the average consumer. As a person you know how it feels when someone only comes up to you to ask for money and you know how it feels to help someone that is in need and they never asked for a dime.

Essay or Conversation; what do you want to convey to your audience. Anyone can write a long drawn out idea of what your business does and what makes them better than the world but if it sounds like a lecture the people will be bored. Yet, when you are conversing with a friend (hoping that it’s someone of your liking) you never get bored. Why? The language is different. It feels more natural and free and not so scripted and monotone. Digital Marketing firms would also agree that you should keep things natural or write it as if you were speaking directly to each client.

Keep it simple, Reach a client’s heart and make your marketing natural and conversational. With these tips at hand you will be off to a good start.

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