SEO it’s not all about Link Building

You can be forgiven thinking that SEO is all about link building, well that’s the general thought of people looking at SEO for the very first time. When you buy a car, you don’t buy the car on the merit of how great it looks from the outside do you? Looks can be important but we need to be checking under the bonnet for any under lying issues that may be or in the future hamper the cars performance. It is the exact same with your website, it may look fabulous but there could be detrimental factors underlying which could be affecting your websites performance and how it appears in the various search engines out there.

Yes link building is important and so is reaching out to various market leaders, the art of creating relationships with them in order to generate links is right, but there’s so much more involved. When you engage with a proper SEO company, they should be offering an in depth audit.

The audit is simply a number of tests on your website taking in a number of different factors, the results aren’t always what you want to hear as major changes can be needed to improve how your site performs, never the less an audit and its results are a great starting point in order for you to straighten things out. You don’t want to be 6 months down the line and out of pocket only to find something that could have been rectified at the start is hampering your online business.

When a Digital Marketing Agency carries out an audit on your site, there are a number of different avenues that need explored that you yourself may never have thought about, read below the list of the more common and popular methods of testing

Domain Issues

There could be other domains and sub-domains causing issues that could be affecting your visibility in the search engines which could be detrimental to your traffic levels. A thorough analysis should highlight these and allow you to get rid of them.

Sitemap check

Having a correct sitemap created and installed allows your pages to be found and quickly cached, this will allow SEO work to be done on these pages and allow value to be built and directed to the desired pages. It’s a very simple process of listing all your sites urls making it easier for the Googlebot to find and access them. You can find more info on Site maps and how to create them.

Your site Analytics

Your Digital Marketing Agency will need all your search traffic and keyword data, all your anchor text info and each landing pages referral traffic info plus, your monthly traffic statistics.

Keyword targets

This is what most clients trust a digital marketing agency with, your keywords need to be searched out and made sure that they are the correct and competitive and will bring the quickest level of ROI you are looking for.

Checking Your Indexed Pages

Your SEO agency should be looking at all your indexed pages, finding out how many of your sites pages are indexed by Google is high on the list of things an SEO agency will be looking to find out.

I hope this has helped you in understanding why these factors are important and why they are valued so highly. A digital marketing agencies target should be to make your business a success and build a strong and healthy online presence.

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