User Engagement and the future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing experts know that user engagement will be the future. Anchor texts and building links will be obsolete, and the response of users and followers across social media platforms and online communities will reign supreme.

Google knows that everyone has the capability of being great content producers and putting out great links, but there has to be more. There has to be more going on here between the users, the company, and between other users who mix and mingle on the site.

The visibility of the site improves with each and every comment and response in reaction to a post. This is what is supposed to happen with each and everything that a company puts out or talks about. SEO companies will then have to learn how to become effective communicators and understand even more why content will be king for the future of page ranks.

Other platforms will have to be considered in regards to email/direct marketing, mobile marketing, and social media in order to pull in user engagement. Many companies are using the different social media platforms to evoke change and push movements within the company. From a new product coming to the market down to helping fund a community fundraiser for Autism.

Content curators will have to look into more ways to bring people in and make them invest in what is going on with the company. Creating miniature communities within communities may be something to consider for the future. Fans have to be so moved by what an organization is doing that they never want to leave. One can even consider it being a social media platform built in to each company and business.

The future sees engagement as the greatest thing to value what happens in the digital marketing business. This could be the next big thing or it could just be a theory. No one will know until Google changes things again.

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