We can live with the changes show us your game plan

It is well known that good links of high quality are always going to have positive effects and improve your SEO. Some websites are clicking onto ways of obtaining links they do not really deserve, which is another method of manipulating Google for free value. Google, currently, is one-step ahead in the game, cracking down strictly on any attempts of spamming and eradicating black-hat SEO tactics.

As the Google bots become more sophisticated in their functioning, they are able to differentiate the good quality links from the poorer quality ones. It has been Google’s quality promise from day one to stamp out poor quality links, in all areas, allowing for higher quality search results, therefore, creating a better performing search engine adding value to its users.

Those who are working below the quality line of Google’s requirements should be forewarned—it is only a matter of time before any manipulation of the search engines from your website will be found out. Spamming and manipulation schemes will cause your rankings to enter the abyss of Google wastelands.

As long as, Google continues its algorithm updates, and daily changes, the results will only leave the strong standing. For companies looking to jump the queue and take the top spot it is more than likely not going to happen. Google is determined to reward the authoritative sites that are well established, and have put in the years of work.

SEO is a marathon, in terms of the hard work you need to put in, marketing strategy has to be done properly within Google Webmaster Guidelines, and everything else will be cut. It’s the job of digital marketing agencies and webmasters to build and plan for the journey ahead, which at times can be a long one. As in anything in life, if you put in hard, long hours of work you will reap the rewards.

Penguin and Panda have done its job; it stopped those rogue companies manipulating their way to top positions through link schemes. Remember the days, when you’d check the rankings only to find the years of hard work had been futile because the competitor purchased 50,000+ poor quality links! Those days are over; Google is upping the ante and penalizing sites with too many poor links.

Google constantly promotes quality and pushes for improvement. Get on Google’s good side by giving it exactly what it wants.

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