What is social media and what are its benefits?

Successful social media marketing involve you being active and gaining a status on social media sites, the outcome is simple generating traffic to your site by creating a buzz. This can be achieved through Facebook, Twitter and other social signals, the goal is to grab people’s attention and direct them to your site and the services you offer.

The difference between Twitter and Facebook is that on Twitter will allow you to update your status via short messages and various updates with others connected to you on twitter. Facebook is the full social media site, allowing users to upload and share photos, join different events and share your update with others, Facebook is the social media king.

So as a search marketer why would you care much about social media?

The beauty of social media is it delves into what’s happening now, news stories and brand new fresh content, what’s in right now. Social media can be a very effective way to help increase and add to your link building, this supports the SEO you may be doing.

One of the greatest things about social media is that it’s absolutely free it doesn’t cost anything to join any of these social sites, the only thing it costs is your time and commitment. Engage with what going, listen in on the buzz is over the latest trends, get social get viral, get out there get going on social media!

Taking into consideration the variety of different social media signals out there, then there really is something for everyone’s taste. You tube for video sharing, Facebook and LinkedIn are for connecting and sharing with others. Even president Obama used Facebook to help his campaign and upload his victory photos with his own social media, so what I am saying is this, social media is now as big as it’s ever been. With countless users worldwide, if we can grab the attention and the audience then link this to our business side of things then yes our we will have limitless opportunities, the key is to stay on top of what’s new and be involved in what people are talking about.

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